DAB / FM Radio Installation

Pixel Aerial are at the forefront for supplying and installing a high quality AM, FM or even DAB aerials at your property, providing you fantastic and clear radio reception in as many rooms of your choice!

Additionally, we can install a multiroom system to provide high quality digital radio signals throughout your property, allowing each user individual listening of their favourite radio stations.


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Pixel Aerial - DAB Radio
Pixel Aerial DAB Aerials and Installation

DAB Specialists


DAB offers better reception than standard small wired Hi-Fi


DAB Radios are unaffected by the weather so you will still receive a clear reliable sound


Listening to DAB doesn’t cost anything. If you listen to internet radio on your phone instead, you might have to pay data charges.


DAB radio tune themselves automatically – no more fiddling to get the right frequency.

Our Promise


All of our staff have a minimum of 5 years experience with passed CRB Checks. We only employ experienced trust worthy staff to carry out work on your property.


All of our work will have a minimum 12 months guarantee*

*excluding sky


All of our staff are very well trained with over 5 years experience, courteous and tidy. We always tidy up after we have completed any job at your property.


We offer a Free callout and Quote service for any job at your property. 

Pixel Aerial

There are two types of DAB aerial to choose from, and which you select depends on what you need from your new aerial. There are hundreds of digital radio transmitters around the UK and DAB radios will pick up signals from different directions.

You may receive BBC radio stations from a transmitter to the north, local radio stations from a transmitter to the south and national commercial radio stations from a transmitter in the east.

If you’re looking to improve reception of all the digital stations available in your area an omni-directional aerial will be the best choice.

However, if reception is poor you may wish to decide which stations are more important to you. If you’d like to receive your local BBC and commercial radio stations, or BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM, you can choose a directional DAB aerial and point it at that transmitter.