Fibre IRS

Fibre Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS) are quicker and more enhanced Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) aimed at private landlords, local authorities, housing associations and commercial builders, where there is a requirement to provide the end-users with any permutation of Sky, Sky Q, Sky HD & 3D, Freesat, Freeview and radio services.

FibreIRS system delivers greater capacity, over wider distances, more cost effectively and to more homes than have ever been previously achievable.

The Fibre Integrated Reception System brings together the available Satellite – Digital Terrestrial – Digital Audio, FM Radio, Whilst removing all of the constraints of the traditional power hungry amplified switch systems and provides your communal property or housing development with a reliable future proof distribution infrastructure fit for the 21st Century.


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Pixel Aerial - Fibre Integrated Reception System - Quad GTU
Pixel Aerial Fibre IRS

Fibre Integration Reception Systems


FIRS negates the need for unsightly individual TV aerials or satellite dishes mounted onto new homes.


FIRS delivers entertainment services, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Digital Audio Broadcast Radio (DAB) to homes across the development.


TV services to the home, include HD and 3D TV services and the customer can swap from terrestrial to satellite TV whenever they wish.


Pixel Aerial have been installing aerials for over 10 years so you can be confident with our expertise.

Our Promise


All of our staff have a minimum of 5 years experience with passed CRB Checks. We only employ experienced trust worthy staff to carry out work on your property.


All of our work will have a minimum 12 months guarantee*

*excluding sky


All of our staff are very well trained with over 5 years experience, courteous and tidy. We always tidy up after we have completed any job at your property.


We offer a Free callout and Quote service for any job at your property. 

Pixel Aerial

Conventional IRS systems send TV and satellite signals via coax cables and whilst reasonably efficient have limitations in distance and consistent signal quality. Advances in fibre optic technology now allow these services to be delivered over several miles via Fibre IRS OR FIRS.
Because FIRS is not subject to electrical interference and fibre has minimal degradation so the signal is dependably, excellent.